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About Us

A group photo of members belonging to Theta Sigma Psi


Since our inception in the fall of 2011, this organization has become a close-knit environment with a positive and memorable image. Our debut at the start of 2012 formally introduced us to Ottawa's Greek Community and expressed our strong foundations and great potential. 


You are here looking for us, and we are here looking for you. Our sisters are leaders, scholars, and ongoing contributors to our community. As young women of character and passion, we are proud of who we are and what we represent. With pioneering spirit, we are a young organization with a plan for longevity. We value academics, personal growth, integrity, philanthropy, leadership, and sisterhood. We build our strengths upon one another and we create an ongoing support group which allows us to develop our skills and reach our greatest potential.


an outside group photo of members of Theta Sigma Psi

Our Values

Personal Growth

Three members of Theta Sigma Psi posing together while holding the letters 'theta'

"Unitas per sororum sic parvis magna"


"United through sisterhood, greatness from small beginnings." 

As we expand, we hope that your strengths will be enriched and your character will shine with us.

Our mission is, through the power of sisterhood, we use our diversity as strength to uplift and light the lives of one another within our community.

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